A Busy Heart and Mind

All the thoughts…..

With so much going on in my head (a near constant state for me), I decided to talk it out. Again. I rambled a lot in this, but that’s part of kind of why I’m going through this journey, to work through the more confusing aspects of my life.

This is a very astrologically heavy post. I talk about the planets in this House, the House itself, and the blending of the signs in this House. The House is traditionally ruled by Gemini, so adds a Gemini aspect to the planets. I have Virgo on the cusp, so that colors the planets in this House as well. And then my Moon is in Libra, so that adds a third aspect. I go over a lot of that and will save the more spiritual, active portion of how I want to connect to these aspects for the next few weeks.

Author: saharanstarshadow

I'm a mother, a workaholic, a veteran, a pagan, and a queer woman. I have spent the last 18 months in therapy for MST and PTSD and have decided to spend the next year on my spiritual journey.

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