Faith and Judgment: Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction

I’m going to be honest here: This one is confusing af.

Still busy with some things so writing is taking forever aaaaanddd it is taking me a while to wrap my head around this combo, hence the delay in writing. Also, I’m going to have to slow down and take a lot longer on this than I was initially planning on. I should be about half way through my 6th House hanging out in Capricorn, but I just can’t move on with these outer planets and, really, the last planets in my chart unexplained. And so, I’ve decided to linger a bit and take on a couple of new angles in analysis.

My Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct, but in different signs. Conjunctions usually function as one planet, but when they are spread over two signs, things get a little weird. The integration isn’t as smooth. With Jupiter and Neptune that integration is even worse, because the planets are both expansive, they both pursue spirituality but from completely different viewpoints, and they magnify the best and worst qualities of each other. Not only that, but Jupiter rules the Fire sign of Sagittarius and Neptune rules the Water sign of Pisces; the two elements don’t play nicely and the signs themselves square each other, meaning, generally speaking, they don’t get along well.

Except that maybe they should. Traditionally, before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter also ruled Pisces, which, as is true of other signs that share planets, they have things in common. Maybe they don’t get along because they are too much alike.

And that’s where the different signs might actually help me out. There is so much crap going on in my 5th House that it’s hard to figure out where to combine and what is ruling what. Here is everything, astrologically, that I am looking at for this conjunction:

  • Out of Sign Conjunction, Part I: There is disagreement in astrology on whether or not an Out-of-Sign conjunction means anything as some astrologers say that conjunctions can only happen in the same sign. However, for those astrologers who say conjunctions can happen in different signs, the slower moving planet holds influence over the quicker planet and the planet with the higher degree is considered more evolved than the planet in the lower degree. In both cases, for me, this is Neptune.
  • Out of Sign Conjunction, Part II: However, the quicker moving planet is moving away from my slower moving planet rather than approaching it, which means that the quicker planet is going to have a more Arien and, therefore, independent quality about it, less likely to integrate well and more likely to take action as a Cardinal sign. Add to that the fact the Jupiter is in Capricorn, also a Cardinal sign, and I’ve got a practical but, shall we say, run away Jupiter.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius: My slower, more evolved planet is in the sign ruled by Jupiter, which is also his traditional ruler. But it puts a watery, intuitive planet is in an active, fiery sign.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn: Capricorn is the sign that, supposedly, Jupiter does worst in (classically called “debilitated”). That being said, that also means it has the most opportunity for growth.
  • 5th House in Scorpio: Sagittarius is mutable, Capricorn is cardinal, but both of these are flavored by Scorpio, which is fixed. Fixed signs tend to override some of the other signs qualities. Add to this that 5th House is traditionally ruled by Leo, another fixed sign and that my Sun (ruling Leo) and Pluto (ruling Scorpio) are in strong positions, there’s a possibility that both these planets and what they represent have deeper connections with who I feel I am.
  • Jupiter-Neptune Aspects: They trine my Sun-Mercury conjunction, meaning there is easy energy flowing between them, more with my Jupiter than my Neptune, which makes sense, as Jupiter is more intellectual than Neptune. They square my Venus and my Moon, both feeling planets with Venus receiving the harder square from Neptune, meaning that there is conflict in what these represent. They both closely sextile my Pluto, which means there is the opportunity for my spirituality to have a lot of depth and bring me empowerment, which is reinforced by the strength of my Pluto as it is at 0° Scorpio and in my 4th House of Soul.
  • 12th House: Neptune rules the 12th House, so looking to the cusp of that House is Cancer, which connects Neptune to my Moon and 4th House. My Moon is in Libra and is the closest planet to my IC, which is at 15° of Libra (the very middle of a sign about balance), and the 4th House brings back in Pluto and Saturn, both in Scorpio.
  • 9th House: Jupiter rules the 9th House and I have Pisces on the cusp, which connects my Jupiter back to my Neptune, which is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, so there’s a loop there.

Personally, I see these two planets as interacting and interacting hard, though I don’t know that it works that way for everyone. If we (people who study astrology) see conjunctions as unions, then to that I reply some of us are better at unity than others. Maybe this is one of the places in astrology where, rather than looking at the majority of readings to determine if the assessment works or not, it makes more sense to look at the individual chart to determine how likely it is that this person is capable of seeing unity in disparate things and, therefore, how likely it is that an out of sign conjunction will have any bearing. Also, I feel that this out of sign conjunction is both less problematic as Neptune is about dissolving boundaries and Jupiter, as a planet, plays into that, and my Jupiter only just moved into the sign that is concerned with boundaries.

And this is where Jacques Derrida and deconstruction come in.


I don’t currently have the time or capacity to really get into a quality analysis and explanation of deconstruction, so it will have to suffice to say that, generally speaking, deconstruction takes a critical view of Truth as there is no such thing as “out of context.” Context is what creates truth. Our beliefs, our realities, these are all formed through the context of our lived experiences. This is a gross oversimplification, but it will have to do.

But, for better or worse, a lot of my beliefs and sense of the world and of myself operates within the understanding that truth is in context and contexts change. Everything is connected and everything changes. It makes expressing my truth difficult, because the concept of words, the false idea of their concreteness, don’t fit my concept of divinity, creativity, and Self. It is something I struggle with because I can simultaneously believe very much in religion (probably my Neptune in Sagittarius) and at the same time doubt it because it’s not concrete and is contextual (Jupiter in Capricorn); I recognize the power, comfort, and health benefits that a solid belief system brings (science supports this in numerous studies) while also not believing in one Truth. Jupiter believes in justice, Capricorn believes in Law, Neptune believes in universal Oneness, Sagittarius seeks out the foreign.

Integrating these planets and thought processes isn’t easy. The trine with my Sun-Mercury combination in Virgo in my 2nd House, gives me the practical reinforcement from both the earthy signs of Virgo and Taurus, and the expressive reinforcement of the Sun in a House ruled by Leo flowing to the traditional House of Leo. I can easily express the systems and doctrines and cultural contexts and even the individual – the data – that creates belief. I can see it and analyze it and build it. Because I can see it, I also sometimes have trouble with becoming judgmental about it. But that is only half the story.

shining a lightA large portion, probably the larger portion, of faith and spirituality concerns feeling. Which is interesting to me because feelings are both valid and illogical and, I have learned the hard way, just as important as thoughts – often influencing them before we have them and remaining long after they have passed. Also, we are not ever really taught how to deal with emotions – we are only taught how to control them (and that, poorly) or how it is (or more often isn’t) appropriate to express them.

With this combination and, especially, with this combination in the House that focuses on Creation in all its forms, there is a capacity for great compassion, love, oneness, and growth, but also a capacity for blind illusion, confusion, addiction, and pain. Sometimes these also overlap. I have had experiences and am currently having experiences that are causing me to question a lot of things. I’m having a hard time writing about them and so I have decided to break them up into audio clips. It will take me a little while to get all of them up, but here is the list, so far, of where I think this combination is at work in my life:

I’ll work on them and you can follow in any order you fit.

in medias res



Author: saharanstarshadow

I'm a mother, a workaholic, a veteran, a pagan, and a queer woman. I have spent the last 18 months in therapy for MST and PTSD and have decided to spend the next year on my spiritual journey.

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