Faith and Judgment: Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction

I’m going to be honest here: This one is confusing af.

Still busy with some things so writing is taking forever aaaaanddd it is taking me a while to wrap my head around this combo, hence the delay in writing. Also, I’m going to have to slow down and take a lot longer on this than I was initially planning on. I should be about half way through my 6th House hanging out in Capricorn, but I just can’t move on with these outer planets and, really, the last planets in my chart unexplained. And so, I’ve decided to linger a bit and take on a couple of new angles in analysis.

My Neptune and Jupiter are conjunct, but in different signs. Conjunctions usually function as one planet, but when they are spread over two signs, things get a little weird. The integration isn’t as smooth. With Jupiter and Neptune that integration is even worse, because the planets are both expansive, they both pursue spirituality but from completely different viewpoints, and they magnify the best and worst qualities of each other. Not only that, but Jupiter rules the Fire sign of Sagittarius and Neptune rules the Water sign of Pisces; the two elements don’t play nicely and the signs themselves square each other, meaning, generally speaking, they don’t get along well.

Except that maybe they should. Traditionally, before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter also ruled Pisces, which, as is true of other signs that share planets, they have things in common. Maybe they don’t get along because they are too much alike.

And that’s where the different signs might actually help me out. There is so much crap going on in my 5th House that it’s hard to figure out where to combine and what is ruling what. Here is everything, astrologically, that I am looking at for this conjunction:

  • Out of Sign Conjunction, Part I: There is disagreement in astrology on whether or not an Out-of-Sign conjunction means anything as some astrologers say that conjunctions can only happen in the same sign. However, for those astrologers who say conjunctions can happen in different signs, the slower moving planet holds influence over the quicker planet and the planet with the higher degree is considered more evolved than the planet in the lower degree. In both cases, for me, this is Neptune.
  • Out of Sign Conjunction, Part II: However, the quicker moving planet is moving away from my slower moving planet rather than approaching it, which means that the quicker planet is going to have a more Arien and, therefore, independent quality about it, less likely to integrate well and more likely to take action as a Cardinal sign. Add to that the fact the Jupiter is in Capricorn, also a Cardinal sign, and I’ve got a practical but, shall we say, run away Jupiter.
  • Neptune in Sagittarius: My slower, more evolved planet is in the sign ruled by Jupiter, which is also his traditional ruler. But it puts a watery, intuitive planet is in an active, fiery sign.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn: Capricorn is the sign that, supposedly, Jupiter does worst in (classically called “debilitated”). That being said, that also means it has the most opportunity for growth.
  • 5th House in Scorpio: Sagittarius is mutable, Capricorn is cardinal, but both of these are flavored by Scorpio, which is fixed. Fixed signs tend to override some of the other signs qualities. Add to this that 5th House is traditionally ruled by Leo, another fixed sign and that my Sun (ruling Leo) and Pluto (ruling Scorpio) are in strong positions, there’s a possibility that both these planets and what they represent have deeper connections with who I feel I am.
  • Jupiter-Neptune Aspects: They trine my Sun-Mercury conjunction, meaning there is easy energy flowing between them, more with my Jupiter than my Neptune, which makes sense, as Jupiter is more intellectual than Neptune. They square my Venus and my Moon, both feeling planets with Venus receiving the harder square from Neptune, meaning that there is conflict in what these represent. They both closely sextile my Pluto, which means there is the opportunity for my spirituality to have a lot of depth and bring me empowerment, which is reinforced by the strength of my Pluto as it is at 0° Scorpio and in my 4th House of Soul.
  • 12th House: Neptune rules the 12th House, so looking to the cusp of that House is Cancer, which connects Neptune to my Moon and 4th House. My Moon is in Libra and is the closest planet to my IC, which is at 15° of Libra (the very middle of a sign about balance), and the 4th House brings back in Pluto and Saturn, both in Scorpio.
  • 9th House: Jupiter rules the 9th House and I have Pisces on the cusp, which connects my Jupiter back to my Neptune, which is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, so there’s a loop there.

Personally, I see these two planets as interacting and interacting hard, though I don’t know that it works that way for everyone. If we (people who study astrology) see conjunctions as unions, then to that I reply some of us are better at unity than others. Maybe this is one of the places in astrology where, rather than looking at the majority of readings to determine if the assessment works or not, it makes more sense to look at the individual chart to determine how likely it is that this person is capable of seeing unity in disparate things and, therefore, how likely it is that an out of sign conjunction will have any bearing. Also, I feel that this out of sign conjunction is both less problematic as Neptune is about dissolving boundaries and Jupiter, as a planet, plays into that, and my Jupiter only just moved into the sign that is concerned with boundaries.

And this is where Jacques Derrida and deconstruction come in.


I don’t currently have the time or capacity to really get into a quality analysis and explanation of deconstruction, so it will have to suffice to say that, generally speaking, deconstruction takes a critical view of Truth as there is no such thing as “out of context.” Context is what creates truth. Our beliefs, our realities, these are all formed through the context of our lived experiences. This is a gross oversimplification, but it will have to do.

But, for better or worse, a lot of my beliefs and sense of the world and of myself operates within the understanding that truth is in context and contexts change. Everything is connected and everything changes. It makes expressing my truth difficult, because the concept of words, the false idea of their concreteness, don’t fit my concept of divinity, creativity, and Self. It is something I struggle with because I can simultaneously believe very much in religion (probably my Neptune in Sagittarius) and at the same time doubt it because it’s not concrete and is contextual (Jupiter in Capricorn); I recognize the power, comfort, and health benefits that a solid belief system brings (science supports this in numerous studies) while also not believing in one Truth. Jupiter believes in justice, Capricorn believes in Law, Neptune believes in universal Oneness, Sagittarius seeks out the foreign.

Integrating these planets and thought processes isn’t easy. The trine with my Sun-Mercury combination in Virgo in my 2nd House, gives me the practical reinforcement from both the earthy signs of Virgo and Taurus, and the expressive reinforcement of the Sun in a House ruled by Leo flowing to the traditional House of Leo. I can easily express the systems and doctrines and cultural contexts and even the individual – the data – that creates belief. I can see it and analyze it and build it. Because I can see it, I also sometimes have trouble with becoming judgmental about it. But that is only half the story.

shining a lightA large portion, probably the larger portion, of faith and spirituality concerns feeling. Which is interesting to me because feelings are both valid and illogical and, I have learned the hard way, just as important as thoughts – often influencing them before we have them and remaining long after they have passed. Also, we are not ever really taught how to deal with emotions – we are only taught how to control them (and that, poorly) or how it is (or more often isn’t) appropriate to express them.

With this combination and, especially, with this combination in the House that focuses on Creation in all its forms, there is a capacity for great compassion, love, oneness, and growth, but also a capacity for blind illusion, confusion, addiction, and pain. Sometimes these also overlap. I have had experiences and am currently having experiences that are causing me to question a lot of things. I’m having a hard time writing about them and so I have decided to break them up into audio clips. It will take me a little while to get all of them up, but here is the list, so far, of where I think this combination is at work in my life:

I’ll work on them and you can follow in any order you fit.

in medias res



Body of Work

So, back on my original track here at the end of the First House: The body and my connection to it. Astrologically, the First House is ruled by Aries, which has the planetary ruler of Mars. Mars is in charge of your Passion, Drive, Fight, Sex Drive, and, basically, what gets you out of bed in the morning, but it is also in charge of the experience of having a body. And it is a very interesting experience.

I’ve already talked a little today on my body in terms of identity with being overweight, but curvy and being fairly capable. I’ll probably repeat some of that here, but I want to go in a bit different direction.

When I first got the idea for this post, I was looking specifically at engaging in body positivity and addressing my own discomfort with my body. There was a relevant experience to go with this: one night, I went over to hang out with some friends, including the guy I am seeing and his other girlfriend (if you missed this info, sorry, feel free to listen for a more in depth explanation). The people there are fairly comfortable with their bodies and so I walked in on topless people. Feeling slightly embarrassed but curious, I took the opportunity to engage in some selective nudity.

I was surprised at how simultaneously comfortable and uncomfortable I was. I think of my body as less Body by Victoria and more Body by Victorian, and while I have some discomfort with my size, I knew I was among people who didn’t find it to be an issue, yet I couldn’t quite shake the urge to cover up. I had managed to relax a bit when one of the roommates I didn’t realize was home waltzed into the kitchen for a late night snack. He actually didn’t notice a thing, focused as he was. Of course, my discomfort still spiked, but I waited it out and put my shirt and bra back on as I was getting ready to leave, feeling flushed and a even a little liberated.

And yet, when I started getting into the range of messages in the body positive label, I was taken aback and some of that discomfort returned. There were parts I expected: love your body for all it does for you, love your body as it is, you are perfect the way you are, how to get a bikini body: put a bikini on your body….. and there was the other end, too: goals for fitness that were entirely appearance dependent and very rigid, motivational models for keeping to your workout, and the ever-present “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Some of the stuff in the middle had a very able-bodied person approach to a positive frame of mind. There was even a woman who had stopped her obsessive work out routine in order to actually enjoy her life, and her post about how much happier and healthier she felt was met with both positive outpourings of support and negative jerks telling her to enjoy diabetes (she had a tiny bit of padding over her belly rather than being as cut as her before pics – hardly a poster child for being unhealthy). It was a mess.

The fact is being happy with your body is a hell of a lot more complicated than a daily appreciation, although that can help. We just see too many messages every day that tell us how our appearance should be, too many haters who will go out of their way to try to make you feel bad about some aspect of your appearance, and – Heaven forbid you actually are a very attractive person – how you should handle the affect your appearance has on others. I don’t think a positive mantra is really enough to fully counteract all the negative.

My original idea for activities this week was going to be body positive mantras and moving mediation. Both of these are fairly mental, though, and Aries and Mars are about physicality and action. So I’m going to up this a bit. My plan is to get up early over the next week and engage in my moving mediation, however, I am also going to spend a significant amount of time on my appearance and see how that affects my mood.

I, in general, am a fairly low maintenance gal. My hair is wash and go, I rarely wear make up, I like nice clothes but I prefer to be comfortable (yoga pants and leggings, y’all), I wear glasses rather than contacts. I’m hygienic, but I shower fast. All in all, while I appreciate my body and my appearance, I just generally have better things to do than fuss over it. This week I plan on taking my time, putting together outfits, crafting a look, trying out clothing items, hair styles, and make up looks that I would normally shy away from, experimenting with presentation. I also plan to spend some time being actively appreciative of my body by pampering it: lotions, face masks, body scrubs, scented candles – to really luxuriate in my senses and the sensations of my body.

And I’ll be logging how I feel and the reactions I receive throughout the week. But, in the meantime, here is a long list of stuff about my body that I like and am thankful for:

  • My body is strong and healthy.
  • My skin is very soft and fairly smooth, especially on my belly.
  • I have fantastic tits.
  • I have curvy hips and a nice, firm booty.
  • My legs are shapely and powerful.
  • My feet are pretty nice – no weird toes or ingrown nail issues.
  • I have excellent posture.
  • I can be fairly graceful – one fellow cast member said I moved like a queen.
  • My body responds quickly improvements, ie. a jump in flexibility when I do yoga.
  • My body tends to retain improvements – I stayed more flexible for 3 months after my first yoga session without any additional sessions.
  • I have some impressive biceps, especially for paying almost no attention to them.
  • I love my tattoos. They each have special meaning for me. 
  • I love my tongue piercing. It brings me such joy.
  • Despite most of my fat appearing on my belly, I still have little ab indents for some inexplicable reason.
  • My hair is super soft. It also has natural waves that tend not to be too frizzy and are fine with me straightening them as long as I do it methodically. 
  • What little gray hair I find, usually tends to be a really cool silvery color. Hoping that stays.
  • I have really long, thick eyelashes and light, fairly well-behaved eye brows.
  • The hair on my head grows fast and thick, the hair on my body tends to grow fine and slow.
  • I have excellent hearing and acute sense of taste and smell.
  • I have really nice fingernails – they grow fast and strong.
  • I enjoy a wide range of flavor profiles that allows me to really appreciate a variety of foods.
  • I have a pretty singing voice and, damn, I can project.
  • I can swim pretty well.
  • I am also an excellent kisser. Among other oral abilities.
  • I have sensitive skin and a responsive body. 
  • I have a full range of movement in everything except my left ankle due to the plate.
  • I was able to breastfeed my child – I fed and provided antibodies to a human with my body! The research on this stuff is intense. Your tits are molecular chemists – respect!
  • I’m a decent wrestler, actually. Hand-to-hand was fun for me. 
  • My natural tastes favor pretty healthy foods.
  • I’m not ill very often.
  • Despite being near-sighted and having an astigmatism, I have excellent color differentiation. I proved it on a black and white photo for UW-L’s steamboat collection – I could read the name of the boat when no one else could see it – we had to adjust the contrast for anyone else to make it out – it was previously listed as unidentified.
  • I have a very expressive face. It has been used for mime. 
  • I have pretty good teeth, especially for never having had braces. 
  • I heal quickly – burns, in particular.
  • My hand-eye coordination is pretty decent.
  • I have steady hands that allow me to do amazing things, like draw pictures or blood.
  • I like my cheekbones.
  • The navy rims around my pale blue irises are intriguing.
  • People really enjoy my smile. 
  • I love the way my body feels right before a storm.

Bumps, Bruises, and Breakthroughs

A seriously rough week… I even have a footnote for a side rant.

Welcome to the first bump in the road on my spiritual journey.

This is remarkably similar to the tank tread/sand bag speed bump I mention.

I had intended this post to be on my relationship with my body. I was working on body positive concepts and had an experience last night that is completely relevant. I’ll use them when I do that post. But something happened early on in the week with two of my close relationships that just ripped the carpet out from under me, required some deep soul searching, and left me staring into a mirror I really didn’t like. Less like a bump in the road and more like the time I jumped a HEMTT off a “speed bump” (concrete poured over tank treads and sand bags) and caught some air time between an up-armored Humvee and a pile of rusted metal. Nobody died, but, man, we were all shook up.

I’m not going to go into the incident right now for two reasons: 1) it’s a little too fresh at the moment and I am still processing some of it; and 2) astrologically, it involves 4th and 5th House stuff, particularly where my Pluto and Saturn are hanging out. Silver lining – their placement makes more sense to me now, even if it is troubling. Instead I’m going to summarize what I saw in the mirror and how I shifted gears this week into a more independent frame of mind.

I have serious trust and control issues. In all fairness to myself, it makes sense. I was molested at a young age by a grandfather figure and, for a long time, blamed myself not only for my own experience with that, but also for the fact that it happened to my sister, who I should have been protecting. I felt I should have noticed all the little signs and listened to my gut. I have been carrying that around for a long time, forgiving myself and letting go in small bits and pieces, which has only been complicated by further assaults and an emotionally, sexually, and borderline physically abusive relationship. The trust issues I’ve known about and acknowledged for years.

The control issues came as a punch in the face. Knowing what it has been like to be in situations where I wasn’t in control of what happened to me and knowing that I can read situations and people in a way that makes it easy for me to be manipulative, should I ever choose to be, I shy away from exerting control over other people. And I thought I was doing a good job on that front.

My reaction to the incident this week was partially understandable – there were multiple reasons not to trust the situation based on how he has behaved in similar situations in the past. But he has made progress and, when I took a moment to step back and ask myself what would have made me comfortable, I realized that I wanted full control over the situation, to insert myself into a relationship that isn’t mine in order to be sure that I could know what it was, that everyone else is being honest about all the things. Logically, I know that’s neither fair nor practical, but it has raised some serious questions for me on how to proceed. The amount of hurt and anger I felt, the absolute sense that I was right and anyone who disagreed with me didn’t have all the facts, the ache of betrayal and abandonment, and the way that I couldn’t even follow my own directives to let him initiate working it all out were all way off from the person I want to be. There are definitely things we need to work on together, but, in all fairness to him, trust is an uphill battle with me in an arena that’s not his strong suit.

I also realized this control issue goes much deeper. I don’t like getting drunk*, I’ve never experimented with anything beyond marijuana (which I don’t like – that loose, floaty, spin-y feeling? HATE it!), and I don’t even want to take certain medications, because they all constitute for me a danger of losing control. I absolutely hated when I shattered my ankle, because I needed help and had to rely on other people. I want to experiment with BDSM, but I don’t trust anyone enough to let them top me and I don’t trust myself enough to top others. I can’t guarantee that I could step out of that space or that I would even want to.

I don’t follow my dreams, because I can’t guarantee needed outcomes for my security. Sure, I tell myself it’s because I have a little boy, and while I could live on Ramen and out of a backpack if I had to, I can’t do that to him, but, really, the closest I got to pursuing my dreams before I had him was to go to a monthly writing group. There was nothing holding me back and instead of striking out on my own and having an adventure, I chose to go home and hide. It’s been an ugly and sobering mirror to look into.

My biggest fear right now is I don’t know if this is something I can change. There’s some evidence that control issues as a form of security may be part of my make up, but, well, you never know until you try. (Yes, clichéd as hell, but I’m feeling it.)

The last couple days I’ve been working on self-compassion exercises. I’m not entirely sure why it never occurred to me to look into this before as I’ve known forever that I judge myself way more harshly than I judge others, but for whatever reason it didn’t occur to me and it was one of the first things to come up as a tip for getting past control issues. I did find some comfort in the fact that the symptoms of my control issues, as they put it, are pretty mild (probably because I actively mitigate them), but it doesn’t change the fact that not being in control still causes me a lot of anxiety and it is definitely affecting trust levels and intimacy in my relationships.

I have spent a couple minutes several times a day recalling instances where I have had extreme anxiety over a lack of control issue, allow myself to feel that, then remind myself that I am human, everyone experiences a lack of control and may react poorly to it, and that I will get through this. I am enough to get through this on my own. The “I am enough” is kind of key, because I also realized that I seek a lot of validation when I am experiencing these stressful situations. Do I have the right to be stressed? Is it fair of me to be upset? I mean, really, take a second and marvel at how ridiculous these questions are, and yet I ask them all the time. I always have the right to feel what I feel, but it’s what I do with those feelings, how I express them that really matters. The self-compassion exercises have been very helpful for me in allowing the space needed to identify healthy steps toward rebuilding trust rather than “sham” steps that don’t so much rebuild trust as control anything I perceive as an attempt to abuse “trust.” I need to cultivate an actual willingness to trust others rather than spend hours studying CIA and psychology videos on how to detect lies and in various formats (an actual thing I did this week, like I could inoculate myself against trusting the wrong people by turning every relationship into a careful and thoughtful interrogation. I promised to share the dark crap.)

ramvlionSo, the astrology bit. I really thought this was going to be the easiest House. I’m starting something new – I’m good at that! The House of Identity and Self – pssh, I got this on lock! I know me and how I express, I could write books on this. I don’t even have any planets in this House. I’ll focus on body stuff, spend time looking in the mirror, appreciating my fabulous self – look at me, I’m doing a thing. But that’s Leo; confident, warm, optimistic, a little self absorbed. I did not expect to have the heavy shit front loaded.

But this is Aries’s House, the Ram. You are going to get gut-checked and, if you’re not paying attention, it’s going to take out a couple ribs. Aries is a Cardinal Sign, the initiators, and Aries doesn’t just initiate, he initiates HARD. I asked for a spiritual journey and Aries is blunt, direct, and combative. So, in addition to the self-compassion, it’s time for me to rely on the lessons of Aries: bravery, self-reliance, independence, the confidence and ability to go out and do one’s own thing without regard for what others think of you. The Tarot representation for Aries isn’t The Hermit going inward living in the wilderness for a spiritual search for individuality, but The Fool, going outward, enjoying the ride, and not just running the risk of falling off the cliff, but probably doing so. I hate the idea of looking, or worse, being foolish, but it’s time to test it out.

For the rest of this House and probably beyond, I want to commit at least an hour a week to going out into the world alone to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Whether it’s going on a hike at a park, taking in a class or lecture, getting a glass of wine, going to goat yoga, or enjoying the theater, the point is to do it without waiting for someone else to go with me and without the purpose of meeting new people, but to do this strictly for me. To let go of the sense that I can control what anybody thinks about me and the sense that they should care what I think about them. To remember that, right now, I need me and, yes, of course, I have obligations, but not as many as I pretend and I’m ignoring what I need to feel whole and alive. And that’s me. Just me. Healthy and happy and ready to be seen.



*Soap Box Moment: You can still get assaulted even if you don’t drink. You know how that happens? Trusting the wrong person. There’s about 7 reasons I have extreme difficulty with trusting people in general, but guys in particular. Just wanted to clarify, I don’t dislike drunkenness for fear of sexual assault. I don’t like it, because I like having full control over my limbs and faculties. The only way it links to sexual assault for me is that, should someone attempt something, I want to be able to fully kick that ass. It’s the intense feeling of betrayal and stupidity, mingled with the fact that it’s hard to flip the switch from liking/trusting someone to wanting to murder them that has held me back from inflicting some serious damage in the past. Yes, I’m bitter. I’m working on it.

Emerging from the Mist with Marbles

Preparation for the journey.

I have been traveling through a dark mist for a long time.

That’s what it feels like, being in therapy. For me, at least. But then, I am naturally drawn to analysis and drama – Virgo Sun, Leo Rising – a clear indication for those of you who follow astrology that this blog is going to be all about my critical analysis of me. Mostly. But it’s a spiritual journey I’m embarking on, so a) it should be about me and b) this world and my life aren’t barren wastelands – others will be along shortly.

But, back to the point, I’ve been in a therapy mist for the last 18 months (incidentally, shout out to my VA coverage and the lovely men and women there who have to deal with me on the regular). I’ve been in therapy for MST (Military Sexual Trauma for those of you without an advanced training in military acronyms) or, more generally, for PTSD, which is the actual diagnosis. This has not been my favorite year and a half ever.

Why tell you this? Heavens, so many reasons! Right now, though this is to set the stage, briefly describing where I’ve been and why I’ve decided to embark on this soulful transit. So, describing:

PTSD is a way of relating to the world in the absence of healing after trauma – a sort of whole life generalized and extended fight or flight response, if you will. It’s fairly rare, though not as rare as we might like and that number depends on the statistics you pull and whether you believe those numbers to be accurate (I don’t). It can happen after one event or it can accumulate over time. Mine was over time, at the ages of 8, 20, and 22. All three involved very different relationships and types of trust. All three affected my view of myself and my faith in my ability to make sound judgments in regards to other people in one way or another.

And after several years of self-imposed isolation and more than a year of therapy, all three have taught me about myself, about thinking, about trust, about power, about observation, and about healing. It has been rough, it is still ongoing, but it has taken me to a place now where I finally feel capable of connecting with my deep inner truth and connecting with other people in a deeper, more compassionate way – all of which takes trust.

The wise and always candid Brené Brown went over the Anatomy of Trust on Super Soul Sessions with Oprah, which resonated so deeply with me. She equates trust with the concept of a marble jar, trusting those who have put in small acts of trust over time with the really hard stuff. After seeing how trust played out in her data, she looked in the research on trust and betrayal by John Gottman, and the first phrase she read was, “Trust is built in the smallest of moments.” And in these small moments is the opportunity to betray as well by choosing not to connect when the opportunity is there. So she set about studying what it is that makes up trust, what are the marbles we put in our jars. It’s amazing talk that I linked below, however, I have summarized for expediency and clarity:

Trust is a big word, right? …. I found a definition from Charles Feltman… “Trust is choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else… distrust is what I have shared with you that is important to me is not safe with you.” … Do I know what trust is from the data? And I think I do know what trust is, and I put together an acronym: BRAVING… because when we trust we are braving connection with someone.

B – Boundaries: I trust you if you are clear about your boundaries and you hold them, and you are clear about my boundaries and you respect them. There is no trust without boundaries.

R – Reliability: Reliability is you do what you say you are going to do over and over  and over again. You cannot gain and earn my trust if you are reliable once, because that is not the definition of reliability.

A – Accountability: I can only trust you if, when you make a mistake, you are willing to own it, apologize for it, and make amends.  I can only trust you if, when I make a mistake, I am allowed to own it, apologize, and make amends.

V – Vault: What I share with you, you will hold in confidence. What you share with me, I will hold in confidence. … The Vault is not just about the fact that you hold my confidences. It’s that, in our relationship, I see that you value confidentiality… a lot of times we share things that are not ours to share as a way to hot wire connection with a friend.

I – Integrity: I cannot trust you… if you do not act from a place of integrity and encourage me to do the same… [Integrity is] choosing courage over comfort, choosing what’s right over what’s fun, fast or easy, and practicing your values, not just professing your values.

N – Non-judgment: I can fall apart, ask for help, and be in struggle without being judged by you and you can fall apart, ask for help, and be in struggle without being judged by me. Which is really hard because we are better at helping than we are at asking for help, … if you can’t ask for help and they cannot reciprocate that, that is not a trusting relationship. … You cannot judge yourself for needing help and not judge others for needing help.

G – Generosity: Our relationship is only a trusting relationship if you can assume the most generous thing about my words, intentions, and behaviors, and then check in with me.

One of the biggest casualties with heartbreak and disappointment and failure and our struggle is not just the loss of trust with other people, but the loss of self trust. … If braving relationships with other people is BRAVING connection, self trust is BRAVING self love, self respect, the wildest adventure we’ll ever take in our whole lives. … If your own marble jar is not full, if you can’t count on yourself, you can’t ask other people to give you what you don’t have, so we have to start with self trust.

I know that there are some areas of self trust where I am doing well, but there are others where I have an abysmal track record. Specifically, honoring my own boundaries or, indeed, setting them at all, being reliable for myself, non-judgment, and generosity. I have to give myself opportunities to put marbles in my own jar.

So I have turned to my spirituality. I’ve always been the kind of person who is much more in my Mind than anywhere else, so it’s time to take that strength and use it to connect to my Body and my Soul, to temper my reliance on it with a more holistic approach to Self. To give myself chances to set goals and boundaries, so I can reliably work toward repairing the disconnect between Feeling and Thought and the Unknown.

In delving back into all of my more New Age-y interests, I have fallen into the deep well of astrology and I think it is a wonderful opportunity to share what I am learning (as I do believe we learn best through attempting to teach it) and to use it as a method of analyzing the multiple regions of my life and setting goals within them. Most people are aware of the Zodiac in the concept of “What’s your Sign?” Not everyone is aware that the question leaves out 95% of the process, focusing only on the Sun Sign, and that not always accurate if you are on a cusp. So a brief glimpse into the madness:

  • You have a Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendent, which is the exact degree of the sky the Eastern Horizon was at when you drew your first breath. To calculate this, you need your birth time and place of birth.
  • Each Planet, loosely named, has a Sign. They are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
  • Each Sign has a planetary ruler (some share), an Element (known as a Quadruplicity), a Modality (Fixed, Cardinal, or Mutable), and polarity (Masculine/Feminine).
  • A star chart is broken up into 12 Houses, which are correlated with the constellations in the sky, so set on a 360 degree grid, starting with Aries. Each House represents a different aspect of life, which has a natural Sign and Ruling Planet associated with it.
  • Your Rising Sign sets the beginning of your Birth Chart, or Natal Chart, which means that each House, in addition to having a natural Sign and Ruling Planet, also has what is known as an accidental Sign and the Planetary Ruler of that Sign.
  • Aspects are the angles between Planets on the chart. Certain angles show benefits or communication between Planets, others show blockages or conflicts.

There are other points that can be taken into account for in depth readings, like points where the orbit of the moon passes the ecliptic of the Sun, certain specific stars or comets, and, of course, how your own birth chart interacts with another chart for your birthday each year or how it interacts with another persons chart. Relationships can have their own charts.

Mind-boggling and far more specific that you thought?

Well, I’m certainly not going to go into all of that, though I will bring up what I learn from time to time. If your interest is peaked, check out the resources in the widgets. Instead, I am going to commit to blogging at least once a week, on a topic in relation to the Houses. There is an order to them that is like a metaphor for the journey of life, so it seemed appropriate to use for a spiritual journey. The 1st House is in Aries, represents the Self and Identity, and is ruled by Mars, which represents our Passions and our Body. Also, as I’m starting this we are coming up on the beginning of the sign of Leo, which is my Rising Sign, so it seems an appropriate time for me to be starting this journey, especially in a public, yet self-directed way.

As with the beginning of life, I am choosing a name to use for this journey: Starshadow. It may be corny, but appropriately witchy for me and reinforces the astrology theme with the light side and shadow side of each Sign. The “Saharan” from my blog name come from my middle name, Sahara, which is Arabic for moon, also appropriate for astrology and the name my mother gave me, so represents my roots.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for joining me on this journey, however briefly you may stay.