A Busy Heart and Mind

All the thoughts…..

With so much going on in my head (a near constant state for me), I decided to talk it out. Again. I rambled a lot in this, but that’s part of kind of why I’m going through this journey, to work through the more confusing aspects of my life.

This is a very astrologically heavy post. I talk about the planets in this House, the House itself, and the blending of the signs in this House. The House is traditionally ruled by Gemini, so adds a Gemini aspect to the planets. I have Virgo on the cusp, so that colors the planets in this House as well. And then my Moon is in Libra, so that adds a third aspect. I go over a lot of that and will save the more spiritual, active portion of how I want to connect to these aspects for the next few weeks.

Money Matters

Zen Over Yen…. I’m working on it.

Here at the end of the 2nd House, I thought I’d better talk about wealth and money – the more earthy part of what this house stands for. My relationship with money is kind of complicated in that I kind of hate it, but I’m practical enough to know I need it and that more of it would make other aspects of my life smoother.

That being said there were a lot of thoughts and heaviness swirling around my head because this house relates directly to my house of Career, which doesn’t have any planets but has a big ol’ Aries sign on the cusp and dominating the house. I need independence and creativity, but I also need a steady income and the ability to pay my bills or I get super stressed out. All that and this week I also got my rejection from WPR for their Chapter a Day series, which wouldn’t have been the be all end all job, but it would have been a step in the right direction (creativity, autonomy, and income). It’s a mess.

So, with all that mess, I made an audio post, because I just felt the need to talk it out more than type it out. It’s just over 15 minutes. Thanks, in advance, for listening, if you get the chance.

Sexuality: Sapiosexual & Queer

Identity Extensions – Part III: Sexuality – Sapiosexual & Queer

For more incredible information and excellent communication skills, please, read The Ethical Slut. For real, this should be required reading your Senior year of high school.

The Ethical Slut

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